Quick Help

Quick registration

1. Click Signup

2. Enter your preferred username e.g. rsvovah

If your preferred username is taken, try to add some memorable numbers infront of the username like your month or year of birth e.g. rsvovah11

3. After accepting the username, an email will automatically be created for you on ours servers like so; rsvovah@farmers.co.zw. You can leave this as it is or you can change it if you already have another email, like google or yahoo email. Your farmerz email account will take some hours to be activated.

4. Next enter a password that you can remember.

5. Click register and you will automatically be logged in.

6. Click on Member Area to enter your other details, especially phone number, so buyers can get in touch with you via whatsapp is they so wish.

You can now start listing your items for sale. 

Listing an item for sale

1. Click on Sell in the menu. You get a window titled Create Listing

2. Select the Listing Type you want. The listing types are as follows:

Auction - Choosing this type means that you want users to bid by indicating what they want to pay you for your item, it means you are ready to negotiate the price. You can then accept the highest bidder or reject all of the bids offered.

Product - Choosing this means you want to fix the price of your item and that the price is not negotiable

3. Main Category - you select the main category under which you want to list your item. For example if selling a cow you select Livestock, chickens you select Poultry, fruit and vegetables you select Fresh Produce, select Grains for dried maize, sorghum, rapoko etc. Sect Farm Inputs if you’re selling seeds, fertilisers etc

4. On Additional Category you select the sub-category specific to what you are selling to make it easier for buyers to go straight to it e,g. If you selected Main Category as Livestock, you can select Additional Category of Cows, Sheep or Goats depending on what you are selling. The might be further sub-categories down if you want to go further. Remember that you can leave out Additional Category if you want.

5. Item Title - here you enter the title of what you are selling. Your title must be catchy as it is here where you grab the buyers attention.

6. You can enter a sub-title if you want or leave it out.

7. Under Description, you enter a detailed description of what you’re selling. Be clear and honest in your description; this helps you to build a reputation and attract loyal buyers.

8. Select an image of the item that you are selling.

9. Under Digital Download you can add a digital file like video or music file. For copyright protection we will remove any music files that infringes upon artists’ copyrights.

10. Click Next button

11. If you select Auction enter Listing settings as you want for your item. Start Price is the minimum price you want bidders to start from. We reserve the right to reduce the auction duration. Enter the location where the item is, precisely.

12. Click Next

13. If you want to feature your listing, you can do so but you will be charged for the privilege. These appear on the home page, category page or as highlighted listings. We will contact you for the charge otherwise we will revert your listing to an ordinary one.

14. Click Next. Specify Shipping arrangements and costs. Specify Returns policy and choose the payment option you want

15. Click Next

16. Read the Terms and Conditions. Click List Now button for immediate Listing or Save AS Draft for later listing.

17. Click View Listing to see how your listing will look like